Rent-a-Chicken® has been featured in a number of magazines, newspapers and websites since our inception.

Here are a few of our favorites.

Rentals That Let You Fly the Coop

Chickens are soulful animals, Phil Tompkins says. “They walk up to you and talk to you,” he says. “They want to interact with you. They’re like a cat or dog, except they’re a chicken.”

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Kids Up North: Rent-a-Chicken in Traverse City Makes Urban Farming Child’s Play

MyNorth: How exactly does one get into the business of renting chickens?

Leslie Suitor (Mother Hen): Well, for us, it happened like a snowball. We live in the country and already had chickens. When the Traverse City ordinance changed last year (allowing up to four hens per city parcel), friends started asking us a ton of questions about how to raise them. There was a lot of interest, but people were leery too, especially about how to care for baby chicks. We did have some friends take the plunge—and they spent a lot of money to do so—and it got me thinking. What if we made chickens available that weren’t babies? That would eliminate a lot of the costs. And that led to wondering if we should just rent chickens, let people check them out for the summer and see where it goes. Before I knew it, we had a basement full of baby chicks all winter long.

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Love Chickens But Hate Commitment? Try Renting

“Everyone loves a summer chicken. But come February, when you’re schlepping food and water across the snowy yard, getting your PJs wet, cursing your kids who promised to help, and not getting any eggs for your trouble, the romance of the backyard chicken may start to wane.”

Enter Rent-a-Chicken. Leslie Suitor started the company in Traverse City, Michigan as a way to spare you from cold weather trauma. ”We get hellacious winters up here,” she said. “Who wants to slog through snowdrifts to get to your coop?”

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Connecting Kids to Agriculture

Grab a pair of boots and get ready for a taste of farm life. The Traverse City business Rent-A-Chicken is connecting people nationwide with the local agriculture scene.

Each spring, Rent-A-Chicken Founders Leslie and Mark Suitor start delivering chickens to kids and adults who will take care of them for the summer. “This has been one of the most fun things I’ve ever done,” Leslie says. “When we show up to drop off the chickens, we’re like Santa Claus. I don’t know who is more excited, the kids or the adults.”

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Finally, You Can Rent a Farm Animal

Sheep, chickens, and even falcons have joined the sharing economy.

Fowl to fork: Rent chickens, get freshest eggs in Sacramento

You’ve heard of renting cars and homes, but chickens? It’s a new program that’s available now in Sacramento and will bring you some of the freshest eggs in the area.

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Davis Farm Lets People Rent Chickens For Their Backyards

A farm in Davis has started a new program allowing people to rent chickens to get a first-timer’s taste of backyard chicken farming.

For those still trying to find a place in the pecking order of backyard chicken farming, this is for you. Flyway Farm in Davis has hatched a new idea where you can rent a hen and try before you buy—in case you chicken out.

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Rent-A-Chicken Gives Oklahomans Taste Of Farm Life

Most everyone would love fresh eggs every day but don’t have the means of raising chickens.

Well, thanks to one woman, now you can rent them.

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